The following risk assessment for the Diesel Generator Operation will help you how to assess the Diesel Generator Operation-related safety and their control measures. 


  • Electrocution
  • Pinching, Crushing, or Severe Laceration
  • Potential For Severe Burns
  • Respiratory aggravation
  • Explosion and or burns as a result of incorrect refueling strategies.
  • A person breathing in or getting into direct contact with diesel gas

2-Potential Incident

  • Persons or tooling entering contact (both direct or oblique) with “Live” electrical componentry.
  • The injury was prompted by getting into direct contact with rotating components inside the machinery cupboard.
  • Persons making touch both directly or in a roundabout way may additionally suffer from burns because of touch with hot & pressurized radiator coolant and/or hot engine & or exhaust additives or fluids.
  • Possible respiration aggravation from breathing in excessive exhaust fumes and/or dirt.
  • Fire/ burns/ explosion could end result if the best refueling techniques are not accompanied
  • Persons turning into triumph over fumes from diesel gas and or getting into direct contact with diesel fuel

          3-Current Controls

          • Make sure that all doors, covers & panels are fitted and secured before starting the generator.
          • Do not open any doorways, covers, or panels while the generator is running, other than to get admission to the managed panel. Test the RCDs before use.
          • If “hardwired” the generator must be connected and tested by a licensed electrician
          • Make sure that guards are securely fitted over rotating parts
          • Only perform the generator in a well-ventilated area.
          • Always refer to the operator’s operational/driving manual for more information if needed.
          • No smoking or ignition sources.
          • Always make sure that the unit is turned off and allowed to cool before refueling
          • Users to read and understand diesel fuel SDS.
          • Always use appropriate PPE.
          • Make sure adequate ventilation. 

          4-Additional Controls Recommended

          • Only licensed, qualified, and experienced electricians should work on these machines and this should only occur under direct supervision with the authority of the owner of the machine.
          • If there's any doubt all paintings need to desist a skilled, certified expert contacted.
          • Make sure that correct PPE is worn while operating on diesel mills, and make certain to avoid any unfastened-fitting garb or jewelry that can emerge as entangled among shifting elements.
          • Where possible all work should be performed while the unit is turned off and isolated.
          • All work should only be carried out by a competent, qualified, and licensed diesel mechanic.
          • Only qualified, experienced, licensed, and equipped folks shall adopt paintings at the Genset and simplest after a threat evaluation relevant to the assignment at hand is undertaken.
          • All work should only be carried out by a competent, qualified, and licensed diesel mechanic.

          Risk Assessment for Diesel Generator Operation

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