Risk Assessment For The Supply And Installation Of Fire Metal Frames And Doors
Risk Assessment For The Supply And Installation Of Fire Metal Frames And Doors

This document uploaded by QHSE Documents"Risk Assessment For The Supply And Installation Of Fire Metal Frames And Doors" is a general informative that highlights the risks, hazards, and control measures for the fire doors installation.

1. Hazard Identification:

1.1. Manual Handling:

Risk of musculoskeletal injuries due to lifting heavy metal frames and doors.

1.2. Fall Hazards:

Risk of falls from heights during the installation process.

1.3. Fire Hazards:

Risk of fire during welding or other fabrication processes.

1.4. Electric Shock:

Risk of electric shock from power tools or electrical wiring.

2. Risk Analysis:

2.1. Manual Handling:

3. Control Measures: 

3.1. Provide manual handling training, use mechanical lifting aids, and ensure appropriate team lifting procedures are followed.

3.2. Fall Hazards:

4. Control Measures: 

4.1. Use of fall protection equipment such as harnesses, guardrails, and safety nets, ensure proper scaffolding and ladder safety protocols are followed, and provide training on working at heights.

4.2. Fire Hazards:

5. Control Measures: 

5.1. Implement a fire prevention plan, provide fire extinguishers and fire blankets, ensure all welding equipment is properly maintained and operated by trained personnel, and maintain clear evacuation routes.

5.2. Electric Shock:

6. Control Measures: 

6.1. Ensure all electrical equipment is properly grounded and maintained, provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as insulated gloves and boots, and provide training on electrical safety procedures.

7. Risk Control Measures:

7.1. Manual Handling:

7.1.1. Provide manual handling training to all personnel involved in handling metal frames and doors.

7.1.2. Use mechanical lifting aids such as hoists or forklifts.

7.1.3. Implement appropriate team lifting procedures.

7.2. Fall Hazards:

7.2.1. Ensure all workers are trained in fall prevention and protection measures.

7.2.2. Provide and enforce the use of fall protection equipment such as harnesses, guardrails, and safety nets.

7.2.3. Regularly inspect and maintain scaffolding and ladders.

7.3. Fire Hazards:

7.3.1. Develop and implement a fire prevention plan, including safe storage of flammable materials and regular inspection of welding equipment.

7.3.2. Provide fire extinguishers and fire blankets inaccessible locations.

7.3.3. Ensure all personnel are trained in fire safety procedures and evacuation routes.

7.4. Electric Shock:

7.4.1. Regularly inspect and maintain all electrical equipment.

7.4.2. Ensure proper grounding of all electrical systems.

7.4.3. Provide appropriate PPE such as insulated gloves and boots.

7.4.4. Train all personnel in electrical safety procedures.

8. Emergency Procedures:

8.1. Fire Emergency:

8.1.1. In case of fire, evacuate the area immediately following established evacuation routes.

8.1.2. Use fire extinguishers or fire blankets to contain small fires if safe to do so.

8.1.3. Call emergency services and report the fire.

8.2. Medical Emergency:

8.2.1. In case of injury, administer first aid as trained.

8.2.2. If necessary, call emergency services and provide necessary information.

9. Monitoring and Review:

9.1. Regularly monitor the effectiveness of risk control measures.

9.2. Conduct regular safety inspections and audits.

9.3. Review risk assessment periodically and update as necessary, especially if there are changes in equipment, procedures, or personnel.

10. Responsible Personnel:

10.1. Site Supervisor: Responsible for implementing and enforcing safety procedures on-site.

10.2. Health and Safety Officer: Responsible for conducting safety inspections, providing training, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

10.3. All Personnel: Responsible for following safety procedures, using PPE, and reporting any hazards or incidents.

11. Review Date: [Insert Review Date]

12. Signatures:

Site Supervisor: ________________________

Health and Safety Officer: ________________________

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