People who are obese and on the bulkier side are on the lookout for diet plans that yield positive results. Once you have decided to bring about good and healthy changes in your lifestyle through proper dieting, the next step is selection of the right exercise program.

Opting for the correct exercise routine is difficult for obese and overweight people because most of the exercises would not be successful because of their extra-large size.

Whenever you intend to make radical changes in your body, you must select a weight loss program that fits into your lifestyle depending on your structure and constitution. Say for example obese people who have not been doing any exercise for their upper body, going in for push-ups, is a really tiresome exercise. This would not be of much help to you in achieving your goals.

Setting The Pace

Walking is one of the best exercises. Walking is an entire exercise in itself since it tones your body. Make sure you incorporate walking into your daily routine. Walking for about 30 minutes a day and five days a week is very effective in losing weight. The body starts to lose calories. The most important tip here is that you should not laze walk but brisk walk. The pace should be set so that you sweat while walking. Wear good walking shoes which do not hurt your feet and you should be comfortable in those shoes. As far as possible, do not walk on a concrete or asphalt ground.

Building Your Routine

Add more exercises to your daily routine. These exercises should be followed for six days a week. Make sure you continue all the exercises without a break.

1. Keep your body relaxed and stand with feet apart in line with shoulder width. Keep your knees bent. Raise your arms to your chest level. Gently swing them front and back. Continue doing this exercise front and back. Do about 150 swings per minute. Continue with both arms till you are exhausted.

2. Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Spread arms alongside the body and relax. Raise your lower body and buttocks from the floor. Be in that position for some time and return back to the starting position again.

3. When you are in that standing position, you need to bend your knees. Stand and punch your fist out and in. Repeat with both hands till you are exhausted. Extend your alternate arm and continue the punches as if you are hitting someone. This is a good exercise for your shoulders and arms.

4. Remain in a standing position. Hold on to a sturdy object or a wall. This would balance you. Raise the knees such that you hold it close to the chest. Lower the knees. Again repeat it. Continue till your legs are tired.

5. Face the wall so that your hands touch the wall. Place your palms on the wall bending your elbows; your nose has to touch the wall. Keep moving front and back as if you are doing standing pushups. Keep your body erect and keep continuing the process. Do this till you are exhausted.

6. Sit on a strong chair and get up from the chair without the help of your hands. Repeat this many times till you are exhausted.

When all these tips are followed, you will lose weight the natural way without having to depend on medications.

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