The under-discussion document is a comprehensive bathroom weekly cleaning checklist that can help ensure that all areas are appropriately well organized, tidy, and sanitized. Below are 30 points to consider for your bathroom cleaning checklist:

1. Clean and disinfect countertops: Wipe down countertops with an appropriate disinfectant to eliminate germs.

2. Clean and disinfect sinks: Scrub sinks and faucets to remove any build-up and sanitize surfaces.

3. Clean and disinfect the toilet: Scrub the toilet bowl, seat, and surrounding areas with a toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant.

4. Clean and disinfect shower/bathtub: Remove soap scum and grime from the shower or bathtub surfaces using a suitable cleaner.

5. Clean shower curtains or doors: If applicable, clean shower curtains or glass shower doors to remove soap residue and water stains.

6. Clean and disinfect mirrors: Wipe down mirrors with a glass cleaner to ensure a streak-free finish.

7. Dust light fixtures: Dust and clean any light fixtures or bulbs in the bathroom.

8. Clean and disinfect trash can: Empty and clean the trash can, and use a disinfectant spray to eliminate odors.

9. Sweep or vacuum floors: Remove dust and debris from the floor using a broom or vacuum cleaner.

10. Mop floors: Mop the bathroom floor with a suitable floor cleaner to remove any remaining dirt and stains.

11. Wash bathmats: If applicable, wash bathmats to keep them clean and fresh.

12. Clean and disinfect toothbrush holders: Wipe down toothbrush holders with a disinfectant to prevent the growth of bacteria.

13. Clean and disinfect soap dishes: Ensure soap dishes are clean and free from soap residue.

14. Wipe down shelves and storage areas: Clean and dust bathroom shelves and storage units.

15. Check and replace toiletries: Discard empty or expired toiletries and replace as needed.

16. Clean and disinfect door handles: Disinfect door handles and knobs to prevent the spread of germs.

17. Clean and disinfect light switches: Wipe down light switches with a disinfectant to maintain cleanliness.

18. Clean ventilation fans: Remove dust and debris from bathroom ventilation fans to ensure proper airflow.

19. Check for leaks: Inspect faucets, pipes, and other fixtures for any signs of leaks.

20. Clean and disinfect the exhaust fan cover: Remove and clean the cover of the exhaust fan to promote better air circulation.

21. Clean grout: Scrub grout lines to remove any mold or mildew build-up.

22. Inspect and clean drains: Remove hair and debris from sink and shower drains.

23. Clean and disinfect toilet brush holder: Wipe down the toilet brush holder with a disinfectant.

24. Clean and disinfect towel racks: Wipe down towel racks to eliminate dust and germs.

25. Organize cabinets and drawers: Declutter and organize bathroom cabinets and drawers.

26. Inspect and replace shower curtain liners: Check for mold or wear on shower curtain liners and replace as needed.

27. Clean and disinfect scales: If you have a bathroom scale, clean and disinfect it regularly.

28. Inspect and clean grills on vents: Check and clean any vents or grills in the bathroom for proper ventilation.

29. Clean and disinfect razors and shaving tools: Wipe down razors and other shaving tools to maintain hygiene.

30. Clean and disinfect toilet paper holder: Wipe down the toilet paper holder with a disinfectant.

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