Site welding, oxyacetylene cutting, soldering, and grinding. The following precautions must be taken before all site welding, oxyacetylene cutting, warming, grinding, or soldering that entails the use of sparks, naked flames, or resistance welding.

Before any hot work commences. (Soldering, welding, heating, and grinding.)

1. This method statement must be approved by the customer’s safety officer before any hot work is done.

2. A written form of permission must be obtained from the customer.

3. The welding site must be cleared of all combustible material.

4. The welder and assistant must be aware of where the fire alarms are and where all the firefighting equipment is stored.

5. All people near the welding site must be made aware of the operations and protected accordingly. If possible, they should be moved to a safe distance.

6. All welding, cutting, and grinding equipment should be checked for proper and safe condition before the welding operation starts operation.

7. Two fire extinguishers should be placed near the weld site. Electrical appliances should be disconnected before welding.

8. All computers on the same electrical circuit as the welding plant should be closed and switched OFF. All personal protective equipment should be checked and in good order.

9. Two operatives are required for all welding, cutting, soldering, and grinding. operations. One to work and one to act as a safety cover.

10. Gas mains must be degassed with nitrogen and checked with a GASCO meter before welding commences. A nitrogen barrier must be maintained the whole time the welding is taking place.

11. After any hot work finishes. (Soldering, welding, heating, and grinding.) 

12. Welding sites should be thoroughly watched until all red material has cooled. The surrounding area should be thoroughly checked for signs of burning.

13. The welding site cannot be covered up until at least 40 minutes after the last item was welded. And only then after another final check was made for smouldering.

14. After one hour from the last welding operation if there are no signs of smouldering around the weld site then the site can be deemed to be safe, and the extinguishers and safety equipment can be put away.

15. Before leaving the site a final check of the weld area Is to be made by the welder himself and If possible, the customers' safety officer.

Be aware of smouldering, spark streams, unattended naked flames and combustible materials near the operation site. do not leave any hot works site unattended until one hour after the last hot operation occurs.

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